TKH FOODS OÜ was founded in 2011 and operates under the trademark of LAKY FOODFACTORY (LAKY TOIDUVABRIK). The company is a food factory that produces the following types of foodstuffs:

  1. culinary products made of meat, chicken, fish and vegetables;
  2. various salads and desserts;
  3. fast food and bakery products;
  4. frozen products.

The wide product range is intended for the retail and wholesale markets. Our clients include retail chains, stores, catering companies, industrial enterprises, wholesale warehouses, the Horeca system etc. The establishment approval number of TKH FOODS OÜ is EE/EÜ 2873. The company uses the HACCP system.

Corporate philosophy and values

  • Our principles are to respect consumers and to take into account their wishes and needs.
  • We respect the employees of our company; we value their contribution to our common undertaking and regard them as the basic assets of our company.
  • We place great value in cooperation and good relations with our clients and suppliers.
  • We strictly adhere to our principle of not using GMOs, chemical preservatives, colouring agents and flavour enhancers in our products.
  • We value our work, our products and their quality. We place great importance on the reputation of our company and hold our employees in high esteem.

Competitive advantages

The production processes of the factory are based on a combination of manual work and mechanised module work, which allows us to make products of any size, weight or shape of any raw materials and to any recipes. This difference gives us a great advantage compared to large producers operating in the narrow confines of mechanised production processes.